November 19, 2010

New Lump Biopsy

This morning my family and I went to the hospital so that I could have a needle biopsy procedure done on a new lump that has appeared below my right ear.  This is the same right neck area involved in the cancer surgery performed on September 24th.  I was happy to have today’s procedure done by Doc K, the Pathologist who did the first comprehensive biopsy work that resulted in the discovery of the cancer back on August 17th. 

Doc K will report his findings from today’s biopsy to my Surgeon Doc Z on Monday or Tuesday.  So, like the first time we went through this uncertain time, my nerves are stretched taunt as the hours slowly go by waiting for that telephone call.  I do not let my mind spend much time thinking about where we might have to go with treatments, etc., if that call from Doc Z doesn’t result in a whoosh of relief, a shared laugh and joke or two between him and me.  One way or the other, I eagerly await the news so that we can continue moving forward!