November 8, 2010

The Hair is Falling, The Hair is Falling!

Check your tickets, people!  Whoever had Saturday November 6, 2010 as the day my hair starts to fall out is the Winner. 

After returning from Irvine Lake, I headed for the shower. The "hair" moment had arrived.  Even though I knew it was coming, I have to admit that seeing my hair coming off my head and into my hands as I washed my hair in the shower hit me like a ton of rocks .  I watched my hair wash off my hands, fall to the tub and wash down the drain.  At first I sort of laughed realizing this moment had arrived. After a few hands full of this, the laughter was gone; replaced by a gut grabbing jerk back to the reality that I have cancer and it will kill me if I do not do everything my doctors tell me to do to beat it. 

After a very nice morning out to the lake, reality set back in.  Not enough to ruin the glow of feeling good all over but enough to put my feet back on the Planet...