November 11, 2010

Another lump...sigh

I’m sorry I did not share this info earlier…I guess I wanted to live in those Good Days before moving onto the next challenge.  J
Yesterday afternoon, I went to see Doc Z, my Ear, Nose, Throat surgeon. I have a new lump on the right side of my neck just below the ear lobe. It is just inside the area the surgeons opened up. Damn!  I became aware of it about a week ago.  I monitored it to make sure it was not just something I was imagining or some temporary reaction to the recent surgery.  Doc Z checked it close and then we chatted for most of a hour.  His bet is that the lump (that feels a lot like the lumps that turned out to be cancer tumors in August) is instead some scar tissue build -up and not a tumor growing.
As I write this, I am in Doc Q’s, my Medical Oncologist, chemotherapy infusion room…you remember – the room with the recliners and that forest of metal poles instead of pleasant trees.  Today is my chemo Big Day; 6 hours of chemo dumping into my body.
Since this chemo session was scheduled for today, Doc Z and I decided to see what happens to the lump during this current round of chemo. If the lump does not disappear during the chemo treatment days, I will have a needle biopsy of the lump done next Friday at the hospital so that we can get quick results.
So Chemo Cycle Two is in process.  All together now; let’s do a little chant. “No puking, No puking, No puking….” 
(a few minutes later….)
Reflecting on the chant thing, I subsequently have concluded that only a cancer patient in chemo could see the humor yet seriousness of those silly words. J