October 16, 2010

Hair will go away in 2 weeks

My daughter, Tiffany, arrived today from Chicago to visit with dear ol' Dad.  Tiffany's mother, my first wife, fought a very painful diffcult battle with pancreatic cancer; arguably the uglist and most ravaging cancer. As is almost always the case with that type of cancer, there was no escape for Patty.  I think maybe Tiffany is here to touch me, see me, hear me and convince herself that she isn't going to also lose her father to cancer.

The first thing she told me when we picked her up at the airport was that she liked my blog. But what was with my posting saying that Nurse Mary had finally told me when I was going to lose my hair -- and then not sharing that information?!  Duh!  Sorry, Friends.  

The answer - my hair should start falling out in about 2 weeks and be a done deal after about a week.