October 28, 2010

Chemo Cycle Two going to be tougher than One

Here Comes the QRO Chemo Dosages

Doctor Q and I talked today about what will be the plan for Chemo Cycle Two. Because my blood work tells her my body did a reasonable job tolerating the chemo dosages giving in Chemo One, we are going to turn up the chemo dosage to the top limits.  She will closely monitor me to see if I can, in fact, deal wiht the new limits.  I have been told not to worry too much about it; instead just keep Doc Q's office staff informed of changes so they can bail me out of trouble if things go bad.  

I am going to therefore, move forward with installing attractive seat beats here in the house that has been reserved exclusively for me....blush.  I also ask the caregiver tream to pick up some upscale color coordinated knee pads and a comfortly padded ring to go around the top of the bowl..  Later today when nobody is home, I will begin screaming "Buick" at the top of my lungs over and over and over.  By the time the new heighteded chemo levels are beng feed into me next week, I will have perfected the Buick call as well as the univerall accepted dry heaves plea for mercy, "Oh God, save me!  Make me stop!"

Disabled Parking Pass. 

Today the doctor's office completed a DMV document that will get me one of those close-in parking spots.  I joke around about it now but down inside I know that they know that I am going to need that pass in not too many weeks.