October 30, 2010

Back in the Hopital again...

I started Friday by visiting the Cancer Center mental health folks.  When my current chemo-only program is over in December, I will start a new treatment composed of chemo and radiation.  That treatment will occur each work day of the week for 7 weeks.  The treatment is going take me some places I am pretty sure I cannot go without a special plan to deal with some deep rooted challenges. 
Next, sister in law drove me over to see Doc D.  It was step-up-to-the-plate time for the Doc to dig me out of this deep pain fissure he dumped me into.  The Doc and his staff checked me out noting that my skin was very red, hot to the touch – sever infection.  Because I have a major chemo treatment day coming in less than a week, the Doc D quickly made a decision to hit me hard with antibiotics.  Antibiotics taken orally are slow acting compared to those taken directly into the body by IV. 
We talked about the urgency of the matter and the options available.  It was a no-brainer.  Doc D had his nurse contact the hospital and then shot me out the door to go immediately check-in. 
No sleep again tonight.  I hope that will change over the next 2-3 days; the number of days I will be here.  I am hoping that my time here at the hospital will let Lieska, my sis in law and Mom all decompress some, too before we start this all over again next Thursday. 
Beside, there are a whole new set of nurses here who do not seem to have heard about my previous two stays here in the last few weeks.  Therefore, this target rich environment will present me with plenty of opportunities to create havoc!!