February 3, 2011


Larry, brother of Dennis, here again

I wanted to share that yesterday my wife Sue caught a plane back to California. She is going to give Lieska, Dennis' wife, a hand for a few days.

Dennis has some kind of infection that resulted in high fevers. As a result of this the doctors put a halt to the radiation therapy. This was pretty disappointing to all of us as he was getting so close to the end of those treatments.

Sue was at the doctors with Dennis moments ago and called me with this information. He is getting intravenous antibiotics along with his hydration. Today the antibiotics began to take effect and his temperature has started to come down. In a few days things should be under control again. Then the docs will meet and we should hear what happens next and most importantly, what remains to wrap these radiation treatments up. Expect another update shortly. We will let you know what they have to say.

And thanks for all your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. I know Dennis really appreciates them.