February 10, 2011

Getting fnal Chemo fill-up

Hi Everyone.  Yes it is actually me instead of my brother or sister-in-law.   I certainly am grateful for their willingness to post up some status over the last several weeks when all I was was up for was sleeping, whining, sleeping, stumbling and grunting noises that people around me are suppose to immediately understand and respond to.  These have been some very low times and saw me either throw the towel in at my worst and throw the towel at the though that would more humorous moments to observe.  I am all against this chemo infusion today fearing it will butt me on my butt again and keep me from being able to crawl up onto the radiation machine to get my final sessions.  That's all I live for these days.  Just get them done before they get me. Maybe sometime in the near future, I will be willing to discuss some of this dark period that has taken place over the last several weeks.  Now we are just down to the final decision from the cancer still there or have we been successful....